Hi, my name’s Chase. I’m 23 years old and have been working at the family resort since I was out of high school. I enjoy golfing, swimming, and camping. Not only do I work with my family, but I also live with them. If anyone has a free place for me to stay let me know. The prodigal son. When it comes to ideas, Chase is never short on them. If you want to hang out and laugh, Chase is always the go to guy. The resort cannot run without a tech savvy individual, namely Chase, but you need to catch him when it convenient for him and hope nothing breaks down when he’s not around. One of the perks of working with your family is you can keep your own hours and Chase likes to work when a party is going on, sometimes the party lasts too long, and Chase finds himself drinking or flirting with girls instead of working the event.


The operator of Hillcrest. When a decision needs to be made, everyone knows to go to Dan because no matter the problem, he can fix it. With a million and one things to stress over and many errands to run, Dan does his best to maintain a cool head, but at times, the pressure can be overwhelming. Besides being a savvy businessman, Dan tries to share his dream with the family, but from his point of view they just can’t see the dream yet. That saying something because Dan can talk his way around anything.


Dan & Terri’s nephew, he is known as Mr. Fix it. Travis is a culinary graduate which makes him Head Chef. Before he went to culinary school he was an auto mechanic so he can fix anything. A true outdoorsman, Travis relaxes by cutting down tree’s, burning something or blowing it up. At age 25 he’s known to make a few mistakes most of which are costly, so he motto is, if at first you don’t succeed try try again. Even with a few errors the resort can’t run without him.


Terri is Dan’s wife. The voice of reason and a true artist. When the dining hall needs a makeover for a reception, Terri is there with innovative decorating ideas. If someone at the resort is under stress, Terri can talk them through it. Terri always knows what’s going on and keeps a non-judgmental eye on everything. When a final decision or an override of Dan’s decision is needed, Terri is the one everybody calls. While Terri can’t be around all of the time but she still maintains balance for the family


Kearston usually keeps a cool head even in the most stressful of situations. However with a baby on the way she can be very hormonal bumping heads with almost all of Dan decisions. Regardless, she also has a huge part in keeping Dan grounded. Even with the chaos abounding she still keeps the resort running as smoothly as possible. With the baby being born on June 30, 2012 Kearston was at home leaving the resort shorthanded. She did make it back and her opinions of what was going on still had a great impact on operations.


The family’s surprise blessing. For just being fourteen she has plenty of input, always busy with photography or kids actives. But her main power is being daddy’s little girl. Now That’s Power!


The family pet and resort mascot. This little cockapoo makes every guest smile. She is the only one at the resort that everyone loves. Lexi loves to run free, but watch out, she loves to collect golf balls especially when they are rolling to the cup.